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Blow Molding System

Standard series is designed independently by Xili company, and combined with market and customer needs to research and develop small and medium linear blow molding machine,.
The following is standard series of 2.0-2.5L models, divided into 4 cavity model and 5 cavity model, "C" means cold bottle, "H" is heat bottles,
Capacity range 20-2500ML, suitable for blowing various bottle-shaped, with the characteristics of  simple operation, low failure rate, high stability, and high cost effec
After-sale service:

After-sales service Service concept:

emphasis on commitment and trustworthy, excellent technology, high-quality and high-efficient, common development, once input and lifelong maintenance. Professional after-sales service engineering and technical personnel, good brand reputation, customer satisfaction as the lifeblood.

1、24-hour hotline service launched.

2、Fast response: ensure arrive at the scene after receving customer maintenance report in 24 hours (in province), 48 hours (outside province).

3、Professional technical training.

To meet the market’s requirement that the blowing molding machine should be high speed and energy saving, Newamstar develops fully automatic rotary blow molding machine, mainly for the PET bottle of drinking water, CSD and the heat-resistant bottle. The advantage of this equipment is that it is highly intelligentized, with stable performance, high efficiency and low production cost, and achieves the national food sanitation standards. It is the preferred choice ofr the large and middle scale beverage bottlers and professional bottle producers.

Technical features:

By TFT touch screen HMI enables all-around control of production process and each independent zone and time monitoring for bottle blowing process.

Stable infrared heating system and independent heat balance adjusting device ensure consistency of preform heating temperature and evenness of bottle appearance color, which enhances yield.

The heater adopts 9-section type infrared temperature adjusting control. Each group of heating lamps in pre-heating zone and adjusting zone can be controlled and adjusted separately according to technical requirement. The real-time monitoring system is equipped to ensure technical stability.

The specially designed two-time blowing system has real-time monitoring to the pressure variation curve during the molding process of each cavity, which provides the real time parameters for the technical adjustment. It is absolutely convenient for operators to adjust technical parameters and the bottle molding quality is stable.

The parameters as heating temperature and blowing time could be set according to customer’s preform and bottle shape. While changing over different preforms, user only needs to select the pre-set parameters for smooth production.

The equipment uses fully close transparent windows structure with safety door system, which ensures operator safety, normal production and equipment running.