Filter Series

Active Carbon water Filter is designed for drinking water treatment.

 (1)  It can clear away alien colour and foreign substance from the water

 (2)  It can remove heavy metal such as mercury, lead, cadmium, zinc,iron,manganese and chromium, and hydrogenate, sulphide remaining chloride and so on.

  (3) It is the ideal equipment for drinking water, foodstuff, beverage, pharmaceutical and  chemical industries

Multi-media filter, also called quartz sand filter , is a main part of water purifying system. The raw water is pressurized to flow through one or several kinds of filter media to reduce the turbidity and to remove the colloidal particles, micro-organism, suspended solid, organism, chlorine odor, and some heavy metal molecular, so as to achieve the purpose of purification which is one of the traditional water treatment methods. The filter media include: anthracite, multi-porous ceramic, quartz sand, manganese sand etc., which can be applied according to actual situation.