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Service Promise

Service Promise

  • Service Concept

    All for customers, helping customers improve production efficiency.

  • Service Target

    To reduce cost and improve profitability and product value for customer by standardized, differentiated and valuable service.

  • Quick Response

    Service engineers are ready 24 hours; after receiving customer request, we respond within 2 hours and we arrive at site within 24 hours for provinces nearby and 48 hours for other provinces.

Service Promise

Technology Support

Once the equipment has emergency shut-down, our quick response will help to solve problem and resume production. We are committed to reduce and avoid halt mode by active preventative maintenance and we optimize whole production efficiency.

Service Promise

Spare Parts Guaranteed

Spare parts provided by Jiangsu Hill  are designed, tested and evaluated by original equipment designers, ensuring the same quality with original spare parts. We build spare parts warehouse especially for after-sales to ensure the quick supply of common parts, vulnerable parts and maintenance parts. Original spare parts of high quality guarantee your equipment running time without fault utmost.