CIP System

CIP system function is to do automatic cleaning to surface contacting with product. The cleaning area includes inside surface of the tank, pipe, liquid carousel and other liquid channels.

Usually, CIP system is composed of cleaning agent storage tank, acid and caustic dosing device, heating device, feed pump, recycle pump, pipes, and steam valves, etc.

The critical technical parameters of CIP system: cleaning media, concentration, temperature and flowrate. The caustic usually adopts NaOH, acid usually adopts nitric acid or phosphoric acid. The concentration is 1-3%. Heated properly and the cleaning flowrate is 1.5-3m/s.

Usually, there are 3 cleaning agent storage tanks: acid tank, caustic tank and hot water tank. According to the cleaning aim, the tanks could be classified as with one pipe, two pipes and multi-pipes, etc.

The automatic CIP system adopts automatic control to concentrated acid and caustic dosing and cleaning agent temperature. The cleaning procedure is executed automatically after set.