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Pop Can

This series pop can filling machine is mainly in pop canned beverage (carbonated and non-carbonated) filling and sealing, which is widely used all over. It adopts the most advanced mechanical, electrical, pneumatic control technique in the world, with such advantages as stable filling, fast speed, easy control to liquid face, reliable sealing, frequency modulation speed adjustment, little loss of material, etc.

· It is a pop canned beer in the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign and domestic sealing machine on the basis of independent development of the can filling ,sealing unit.

· Filling and sealing is the overall designed,power system by filling sealing system to ensure that both the absolute synchronization and coordination.

· It adopts the advanced machine,electrical equipment,and pneumatic control technology,

· It has the characteristics of filling reposefully,high speed,liquid level control,capping reliably,frequency conversion timing,less material loss.

· It can equip long-distance control system according to the customers' request.It is the preferred equipment for the medium beer and beverage plant