Automatic COP/SOP System

Automatic COP/SOP system realizes foam cleaning and disinfection spraying by using detergent and disinfectant on the surface of equipment. It is applied to clean and disinfect by alkaline foam, acidic foam, disinfectant foam, peroxidic acid and other kinds of chemicals, and it has been effectively used in beverage, beer, dairy and other food-processing industries.


Equipment composition

Air circuit system, chemical adding system, process watering system

Air circuit system is the main source of making foam in COP system. It is divided into two kinds, high pressure and low pressure, of which users can choose according to their needs.

Chemical adding system uses imported diaphragm metering pump. According to set concentration, it can automatically adjust the frequency of metering pump by process water flow detection value and control detergent concentration in certain range.

In process watering system, via detection value of flowmeter, it can change the main pump frequency to keep flow in set range.