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Filling Machine Introduction

Bottled water’s popularity is at an all-time high–the category is expected to outsell soda by the end of 2016–yet anticorporate adversaries are persistent in their push to create confusion, using online content generators and social media, about the safety of this popular, healthful and convenient consumer product.

Most people consider bottled water to be a safe and healthy alternative to other packaged beverages. And recent polling indicates a vast majority of consumers believe access to safe drinking water in the form of bottled water is important. Confusion about facts can arise when, for example, a friend makes a social media post that is counter to what you know to be true about a product you enjoy. Just Google “bottled water” and “facts” and you’ll see what we mean–a litany of false and misleading reasons to stop drinking the product. The most frequent topic raised is the fallacy that bottled water is not safe. This argument, unsupported by facts, raises alarm by citing flawed studies that make claims about contaminants, questionable water sources and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging leaching chemicals. People spread this scaremongering news without giving it much thought. However, if you take the time to look into these claims, you discover that they just don’t add up. Below are common questions that bottled water manufacturers regularly answer to help reassure customers of the safety of their products.